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HHR-Exotic Speakers Division of H & H research

Our humble beginnings…

HHR Exotic Speakers is a small division of H & H Research, an established Gas laser company started some 30 years ago.  Further, HHR Exotics is in no way connected with or party to the original Ohm Acoustics Corporation where the true Walsh speaker was born.  While HHR Exotics is just two years old as a commercial enterprise, we began from strong roots in the laser and audio industries.  I began HHR Exotics partly due to the urgings of many people around the world whom knew of my work with Walsh speakers and partly because of my sincere desire to provide refurbishing and upgrading services to the existing community of Ohm Walsh “A” and “F” owners. This service has not been provided by the parent company since 1984.  Due to considerable success in this endeavor, the opportunity to provide an outlet for a new line of Walsh type drivers based on their previous predecessors has come to pass.

As Chief engineer and owner of HHR Exotics, it is my heart felt desire to provide audio enthusiasts, i.e. audiophiles and music lovers alike one of the finest loudspeakers ever developed, now with more than 61 improvements and upgrades. 

Our sole motivation is to provide the highest quality components and workmanship with the greatest return for your investment available today.  Each pair of speakers are lovingly hand crafted works of art and performance being more like fine Stradivari Violins rather than mass produced off the shelf components.  Indeed, it takes more than 250 man hours to craft a pair of drivers for these beauties, not to mention the exquisite cabinetry.

More than 45 years of advancements in technology and materials now allows us to produce a Walsh style driver of unsurpassed sound quality and exotic beauty.  For the less than fortunate individuals that have not heard the Coherent Wave Transmission Line style drivers and speaker systems the opportunity now awaits.  For those that have experience with the older products imagine that product new and completely improved at a price point that is more than affordable, in fact unbelievable for today’s market.

It is our humble opinion that these speakers can and do compete with units priced 5 to 7 times more than the current price of these exotic and timely offerings. Head to head shootouts have taken place with such exotics as Infinity IRS standards, ESL Quads, Apogee Ribbons Carver Ribbon Hybrids and even Plasma drivers with astonishing results leaving many a hard core audiophile stunned in amazement.  The Walsh Principal simply works.

Isn't’t it time you found out!


Dale Harder

President HHR-Exotics.

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